Camden High School for Girls


Pitched & Flat Roofing


30 weeks


Camden High School for Girls Details

Camden was founded as a school for girls in 1871 by Frances Mary Buss, one of the great pioneers of women’s education with the aim of offering more affordable education for girls. Our works over a 30 week period included the re-roofing of asphalt and mineral felt flat roofs to some of the newer buildings, the strip and renewal of slate pitched roofs to the listed 19th Century buildings including the complete refurbishment of the clock tower including the copper dome and weather vein. Other works included external repairs, decorations and window renewal.

The existing weathervane was carefully removed (very poor condition) and used as a template for the new copper vane. Detailed timber moulds were made by specialist craftsmen and these were used to prepare the new vane. This labour intensive work took several weeks to complete. The various components were then assembled in-situ (see photo top right). The school remained in full occupation throughout the works. A scaffold tower and run-off platform was constructed at the front of the school to allow access to the main high-level flat roof area and all other flat and pitched areas and the clock tower were accessed from this point.

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