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“What does a solar panel do?”

Photovoltaic systems (solar panels) contain cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Inside each cell are layers of self-conducting material. Light falling on the cell creates an electrical field across the layers, causing electricity to flow. The intensity of light determines the amount of electrical power each cell generates.

A photovoltaic system does NOT need bright light in order to operate.

Why solar power ticks all the boxes

  • Free energy direct from the Sun
  • No noise, harmful emissions or gases are produced
  • Proven safety and reliability track record
  • The life-span of a solar panel is around 25 years
  • Panels can be re-cycled at the end of their working life
  • Easy to install and minimal maintenance
  • Power can be generated in remote areas not connected to the grid

Solar power contributes to the security of energy in every country.

2010 saw unprecedented growth in the solar panel market

  • A solar panel system simply requires daylight to generate electricity and so still generates power on a cloudy day
  • Germany currently produces the equivalent of 2 nuclear power stations worth of electricity through solar panels

Global solar panel installations would supply half of the electricity demand in Greece or for ten African countries.

Save Money, Get Paid and Reduce your Carbon Footprint

  • Significantly reduce your electricity bills
  • Take a big step to reducing your carbon footprint and meeting your environmental targets
  • Receive income via the government feed-in tariffs that are guaranteed for 25 years

Guaranteed, Tax Free and Index Linked

The Feed-in-Tariff is part of the Government’s Clean Energy Cashback scheme, and is a guaranteed, tax-free, index-linked payment made to building-owners for generating electricity from renewable systems. The payments are made irrespective of whether the building owner uses the electricity or feeds it back to the grid, in which case a further additional payment is made.

What are the Savings?

Potential savings from a solar panel system are dependent on many variables such as consumption of electricity on site and existing cost per unit. Acclaim Contracts will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you as each system is tailored to suit the individual circumstances.

Is my Building Suitable?

Solar panels work best on roofs that are facing South, South East or South West. Your building may not be suitable if large trees or buildings overshadow the roof. (If the PV system is in shadow the efficiency of the system decreases.) Your roof must be strong enough to take the additional weight of a PV system. Our Technical Surveyor will check this for you.

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    Customer Reviews

    5 star rating
    I am pleased to recommend Ian's team at Acclaim Contracts for roofing work. I have completed a number of successful projects with Ian and his team and found their quality of work to be excellent. With most projects being in sensitive education settings, communication with the client is critical. Ian always takes a strong personal interest in projects which helps everyone.


    Robert Gould

    5 star rating
    I was really pleased with the company. The job ran really smoothly. Nas was our main line of communication and he was very professional and helpful. The job was completed on time, and there was minimum disruption to the school despite it being such a big job.

    In terms of after-service, the company have responded very promptly to any queries / snagging issues and resolved them immediately. I think the service given by Acclaim has really been good – particularly when I compare it to the experiences that colleague Heads have had having similar jobs done by different firms.



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