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Flat roofing contractors and services Acclaim are roofing specialists. Our services include everything from the installation of new flat roofs to flat roof repairs and maintenance. We are fully accredited in a number of flat roofing systems including High Performance Bituminous Membrane Systems, Liquid Coatings, Single Ply and Mastic Asphalt. We have extensive experience in the installation of the full range of roof waterproofing products available from the leading manufacturers including Bauder, Langley, IKO, Garland, Alumasc, Icopal and Sika. Our highly-experienced team of roofing contractors cover all areas of the UK (dependant upon project type), and are fully accredited flat roofing specialists.

As a Specialist Flat Roofing Contractor We Provide:

Bitumen Membrane Roof Services

We offer a number of High Performance Bituminous Membrane flat roofing systems. These roofing systems cater for minor/extensive repairs to large commercial roof installation. High Performance Bitumen Membrane roofing is a robust and proven roofing system, this is evident from the amount of decades it has been in use for. New technology has now introduced Safe to Torch systems and self adhesive systems for torch free areas. It is suitable for all types of projects.

Liquid Roofing Contractors

Our roofing services provide a range of liquid roofing solutions for flat roofs. Liquid systems provide several advantages. This includes:

  • No need for flames as it is cold applied
  • It’s a cost-effective option for flat roofs covering a large area
  • The ability to mould around complex detailing and provide a seamless finish
  • Liquid overlays can cost-effectively extend the life of some roofing systems
  • Used for balcony works

In most weather conditions, liquid coatings become waterproof within two hours of application. Some systems even become waterproof immediately upon application.

Asphalt Roofing Specialists

We have a specialist mastic asphalt team with vast experience who can provide asphalt services for flat roofs of all sizes.

The benefits of using Mastic Asphalt as a flat roofing system:

  • Tested over decades
  • Carbon zero rated (by far the best rating of any flat roofing system)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Ideal for complex detailing
  • Aggregates can be added to provide different properties for the roofs specific requirements
  • Excellent for balcony areas & high volume used areas
  • Solar Reflective Paint for decoration and to disperse heat

Single Ply Roofing Services

Our contractors offer a range of single ply roofing products. And will impartially advise you on which product is suitable for a specific situation. We can do this as we are not affiliated with any single single ply roofing manufacturer.

The benefits of rubber roofing include:

  • UV Resistant
  • Torch Free application
  • Fire Resistant and in some cases self-extinguishing
  • Environmentally friendly when compared to other roofing systems on the market.

Intensive and Extensive Green Roofing Contractors

Intensive green roofs are the heavy-weights of the green roof world. In essence, they are parks or gardens on roofs. Intensive green roofs have deeper soils and are heavier than extensive green roofs. They therefore need to be installed on a much stronger structure. Extensive Green Roofs are designed to offer a low maintenance, lightweight system with no general access. Typically they would consist of a thin layer of substrate growing medium to keep weight and depth to a minimum.

We are specialist installers of both Intensive and Extensive Green Roofs.

Why Choose an Accredited Flat Roof Contractor

  • We use only the best and most tested product brands.
  • Our solutions are Insurance backed and guaranteed.
  • Acclaim is Health and safety accredited to a high standard.
  • We operate project management and quality control to ISO 9000 standards.
  • All aspects of flat roofing services including maintenance, Repair, build and planning.

Prevention is better than cure. If you need advice or are thinking of upgrading or repairing your flat roofing, speak to our team of flat roofing contractors, we are experienced in all flat roofing maintenance, refurbishment and new build projects . And, as with all expert accredited flat roofing contractors, Acclaim Roofing deliver all their flat roofs insurance backed by guaranteed.

How to identify problems on your flat roof

The object of any roof is to stop water from getting in. As accredited experts in flat roofing maintenance we can guide you through what to look out for now, before any major problems occur in the future.

A pond of water on your roof is not a good look. Long-standing water will always find a way of escape, generally through your roof.

Any signs of moss, lichen, or weeds indicates that there has been water build-up on your roof.

The ponding water may have escaped or evaporated, but it will leave the signs of a watermark, this can be dark or light depending on the roof surface.

Flat roofing gradient
A flat roof should not be 100% flat. There must be a slight gradient for the water to drain off. Ideally between 1 in 40 and 1 in 80. Borrow a meter long spirit level to check the angle.

Stretching or cracking
At the corners or joints can be caused by age. The flexible materials that make up the waterproof layers of your roof dry out, rip, or wear away.

Subsidence can cause significant movement to a building’s structure which will lead to tears and cracks in a waterproof membrane.

Bad repairs
A previous owner may not have been careful when carrying out repairs. Look out for materials that do not match, poorly placed screws and missing nails as well as puncture holes.

If you see a bubble in your roof membrane beware. If it bursts it may give direct access to water into the building.

Gutter maintenance
Be sure that water can run freely in all the guttering around the house and across the roof.

If you would like a quotation or any information on our flat roofing services please get in touch with us or call us now on 01268 560687 or email info@acclaimcontracts.co.uk

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    5 star rating
    I am pleased to recommend Ian's team at Acclaim Contracts for roofing work. I have completed a number of successful projects with Ian and his team and found their quality of work to be excellent. With most projects being in sensitive education settings, communication with the client is critical. Ian always takes a strong personal interest in projects which helps everyone.


    Robert Gould

    5 star rating
    I was really pleased with the company. The job ran really smoothly. Nas was our main line of communication and he was very professional and helpful. The job was completed on time, and there was minimum disruption to the school despite it being such a big job.

    In terms of after-service, the company have responded very promptly to any queries / snagging issues and resolved them immediately. I think the service given by Acclaim has really been good – particularly when I compare it to the experiences that colleague Heads have had having similar jobs done by different firms.



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