Health and Safety

We are committed to delivering all our projects safely and incident free. As far as is reasonably practical, adequate finance, time and resources are provided to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our staff, operatives, sub-contractors and the general public.

Everyone working on our projects is required to follow all safety instructions issued to them and not interfere with or misuse anything provided to protect their health, safety or welfare. They all have a responsibility to act with due care for the health, safety and welfare of themselves, other employees, sub-contractors and people who might be affected by the work we do.

They all have a duty to take reasonable care to avoid injury to themselves or others and to co-operate with our Directors and Managers who have specific health, safety and welfare responsibilities. All those involved in our projects are encouraged to report any working practice they consider to be dangerous or detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of themselves, other workers or members of the public. All incidents must be immediately reported to the Director with overall responsibility for health, safety and welfare.

Our policy statement is communicated to all our staff, operatives and sub-contractors to ensure that safe working practices are known and followed. Our safety policy is reviewed annually or when legislation or working practices change.

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