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Lack of roof maintenance can invalidate your roofing guarantee!

Prevention is not only better but far cheaper than the cure! With over 30 years of experience in Essex roof maintenance services and repairs, we are only too aware that lack of maintenance can result in major problems including premature degrading of the roof covering, dampness, leaks and may even invalidate your roof covering guarantee. When the condition of a roof is ignored, it can be expected to fail before it reaches half its design life. When inspections are carried out regularly as part of a planned maintenance programme, small defects can be detected and repaired before they turn into major failures.

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Acclaim, Essex roof maintenance services are roofing specialists

Through an agreed maintenance programme, Acclaim Contracts will maintain your roof and provide a written report on its condition. Typically, we will visit twice a year. The maintenance programme will be bespoke to your requirements and will typically cover:

  • Clearing all debris from the roof surface, rainwater outlets, chutes, gutters, etc.
  • Water jetting outlets and checking for blockages and ensuring that water flows freely.
  • Cutting back tree limbs that overhang the roof to give a 1 m clearance – this will significantly reduce the risk of blockages caused by leaves.
  • Remove any vegetation growth.
  • Check all flashing and termination bars.
  • Check all items of plant installed on the roof since the roof covering was installed are correctly sited and the roof covering is protected.
  • Ensure promenade tiles or paviours are in the correct position and in good condition.
  • Check for signs of lubricant leaks from plant and equipment which may be degrading the waterproofing.
  • Cleaning solar panels.
  • CCTV drainage surveys.
  • Leak investigation and report.
  • Non-Destructive Electronic Testing.
  • Lightning protection system testing and certification.
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Maintenance of Green Roofs and Living Roofs

An extensive green or living roof will generally only require two maintenance visits (spring and autumn) every year so this can easily built in to the general roof maintenance programme. Again, the maintenance programme will be bespoke to your requirements and would typically include:

  • Removal of debris and dead vegetation from the roof surface, drainage outlets, guttering and washed pebbles, etc.
  • Weeding and removal of grass / saplings (purely aesthetic).
  • Sowing of additional sprouts to repair patches of poor growth
  • Application of maximum 30gm² of slow release, low nitrogen fertiliser – if we assess this to be beneficial to the plant growth.

Our Essex roof maintenance services staff

We are committed to delivering all projects safely and incident-free. Our staff are trained, qualified, competent, and insured (£10m Public Liability Insurance held) to undertake the full range of roof maintenance and will undertake all works in a professional and considerate manner.

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    Customer Reviews

    5 star rating
    I am pleased to recommend Ian's team at Acclaim Contracts for roofing work. I have completed a number of successful projects with Ian and his team and found their quality of work to be excellent. With most projects being in sensitive education settings, communication with the client is critical. Ian always takes a strong personal interest in projects which helps everyone.


    Robert Gould

    5 star rating
    I was really pleased with the company. The job ran really smoothly. Nas was our main line of communication and he was very professional and helpful. The job was completed on time, and there was minimum disruption to the school despite it being such a big job.

    In terms of after-service, the company have responded very promptly to any queries / snagging issues and resolved them immediately. I think the service given by Acclaim has really been good – particularly when I compare it to the experiences that colleague Heads have had having similar jobs done by different firms.



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