Roofing specialists for schools at Grange Park

London Borough of Hillingdon
Project Lead
Walker Construction Consultants
Hayes, Middlesex
Flat Roof  & Building Works
12 weeks
Roofing Materials

Roofing specialists for schools flat roof project

School roofing specialists for schools Acclaim Contracts, carried out a major flat roof covering renewal project for the London Borough of Hillingdon involving 20 separate flat roof areas at Grange Park School. Associated works included extensive concrete and brick repairs and decorations including works to playground facing elevations and an elevation above a nursery play area. The existing large tank room was decommissioned and dismantled at roof level and lowered to ground level in sections. Other M&E works included the re-routing of a gas pipe running along the front elevation above the main reception entrance. A number of rooflights were replaced and roof level windows affected by the increased height insulation were also replaced. To allow for ongoing maintenance of the roof areas and roof-mounted services, our roofing specialists for schools installed new access ladders and permanent free-standing handrails.

The school was fully occupied for the duration of the works with the exception of the school holiday periods and works had to be sequenced to suit exam timetables and other school events. the works. Prior to works commencing, we undertook two age-appropriate interactive presentations to the Junior and Infant Assemblies to explain the works. This included a safety poster competition with some of the winning entries being displayed on our heras fencing around the school. Each year class received a book token prize in recognition of their artistic efforts!

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Roofing specialists  for schools
Roofing specialists  for schools
Roofing specialists  for schools