Admiral’s Academy


Flat Roofing


10 Weeks



Admirals Academy Details

Our works at Admiral’s Academy included the removal of sections of the water-damaged deck, extensive asbestos removal, rooflight replacement and the installation of a new three-layer felt system with insulation. At the begging of the project, we were invited to do a whole-school presentation about the works as part of a morning assembly. Volunteers from Year 6 were involved in some role play which included some felt laying! We explained why the roof coverings needed replacing, what the different materials were and how they were being used and how we were keeping everyone safe. Over 100 of the young people entered the Acclaim Contracts ‘Safety Poster’ competition and the Acclaim Team had a tough decision choosing three winners from each of the four year groups. Book tokens were awarded to the twelve winners and their posters were displayed on our site hoardings. Every young person who entered the competition received an Acclaim Certificate of Achievement.

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