Old Heath Primary School


Liquid Coating & Flat Roof Works


4 weeks


Old Heath Primary School Details

Old Heath Primary School is a long established school, which has been extended over the years. It is a mixed, non-denominational religion primary school and has around 160 pupils. The existing flat asphalt roof had failed and the coping stones were also failing and this was causing serious problems with water ingress. The specifier insisted on a new waterproofing system that was not only cost effective but would also come with comprehensive guarantees. Importantly, the new roof solution had to be installed during term time without causing any disruption.

Decothane Omega 15 was brush and roller applied to the flat roof, parapet walls and coping stones to provide a completely seamless waterproof barrier. A key advantage of the system is that it did not require the stripping of the existing roof materials and could be completed without disruption to the school during the project. Also, because the system is cold-applied, it eliminated the need for bitumen boilers or torches on the roof, which would pose a significant fire risk.

Decothane is highly elastomeric and resistant to ultra-violet attack. It provides outstanding protection for at least 15 years before requiring maintenance. A cost effective solution, it can be easily overcoated once it reaches the end of its design life to restore its performance.

Maintaining excellent communications with the school throughout this project was vital in minimising the disruption to the teaching staff and children.

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