Burrow House, Fire Damage


Green Roofing


10 weeks


Burrow House, Brixton Fire Damage Details

Burrow House is a four storey housing development constructed in the 1970’s comprising of a concrete frame structure with brick infill panels. Approximately 12 years ago a new over-roof was constructed off the dwarf parapet walls running around the perimeter of the building. In July 2000 this roof was damaged by fire exposing the original asphalt flat roof. The works consist of forming a new suspended timber flat roof decking with a Bauder Limited “Green Roof” to form the weatherproofing for the whole building.

Reason for Roofing
The London Borough of Lambeth has a commitment, made in partnership with residents, businesses and other organisations, to protect Lambeth’s biodiversity. In support of this commitment it is Lambeth’s policy to construct ‘green roofs’ wherever economically viable.

Type of Green Roof
Bauder Green Roof System comprising:

Bauder SDF mat, 20mm thick filtration and drainage layer.
Bauder XF301 ‘Sedum’ combination blanket with integral moisture retention fleece.
Slow Release Fertiliser – 80g/m2.

Size of Green Roof
215 m2

Build up of Roof
Bauder VB4-Expal Vapour Barrier – (4mm).
Bauder PIR Insulation (100mm).
Bauder G4E Underlay (4mm)
Bauder Plant-E Capping Sheet (5mm)
Bauder SDF Mat (20mm)
Bauder Xeroflor XF301 Sedum Combination Blanket (33mm)

All timber used on this project was purchased from a sustainable sources certified through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

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